Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Poles walked continually up
and down the ward...
screaming, talking to themselves
manically laughing:
the lino was worn bare by
their pacing.

The man sat opposite me, with elbows resting on the desk, his hands making a steeple.  Not a word did he utter.

'She can't stay here, my mother is suffering from depression; if she does she will surely go mad!'

I talked on, explaining how I felt, all the while feeling he was assessing me.  After what seemed like an age, repeating myself, I just felt I was wasting my time.  

I walked away from his office feeling I'd failed my lovely mum.

'I tried Mum!'

Tears coursed down her face.  

The next day she was transferred to a general hospital from the Darenth Park Mental hopital.

How had she come to this?  Broken in mind as well as body.


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  1. I seem to have spent half my life speaking up for friends and family who have fallen ill, physically and mentally - it sounds like you know what this is all about too.
    Sadly, you often need to make a big fuss to get appropriate treatment - and it's getting more and more difficult in this post-Crash era.